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How does working with a VA save you money?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

So how much could you really be saving by working with a VA?

Have you ever thought about the true cost of your permanent employees?

Every company and business work differently, however, first you have to find and recruit your perfect employee – that person that has the skills you’re after, can do everything you want the way you want it done and is a good fit with your existing team. Employees like this are rare and hard to find – and often harder to maintain. Think about the time and energy that goes into the recruitment process, or the cost of engaging a recruitment agency.

Once you’ve finally sourced and recruited that perfect employee do you even have 40 hours’ worth of work to give to them – every week?

In New Zealand, basic salary and employment taxes are only the minimum. You’ll also need to factor in additional costs like employer’s liability; ACC levies; Kiwisaver; and so on.

Don’t forget the other expenses involved such as: Time and money spent recruiting and training your employee – and later, the costs in retaining them (through pay rises and so on)

  • Professional development costs

  • The cost of office space, desks, computers, phones and software

  • Lunch and regular breaks

  • Sick leave, holiday pay and statutory holidays

  • Kiwisaver

as well as any non-productive hours on the clock

By working with The Virtual Assistants, our hourly rate or package prices mean you only pay for what you need. 100% productivity. 100% value for money.

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