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The top five things to outsource in your business:

You have been thinking about outsourcing some of your tasks right?

But don’t know where to start or what to outsource?

We understand it’s hard to let go and that is why we ensure our clients have a smooth and full onboarding process with both of The Virtual Assistants to ensure any outsourced work is covered at all times and you are comfortable handing over these tasks. We have noted the top five areas that are outsourced from small and medium-sized businesses below:

1. Outsource your day to day financial tasks

Day to day financial tasks are so important and can easily get out of hand if you do not keep on top of them. Outsourcing these to a professional bookkeeper can be the best option and we recommend using a certified advisor and a member of The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers to ensure you are using experienced professionals to assist yourself and your accountant

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivable – raising invoices, managing debtors

  • Managing project costs through programmes such as ProWorkFlow or WorkflowMax

  • Filing bimonthly GST returns

  • Payroll

  • Financial reports

  • Liaison with your accountant

  • Bank reconciliations

2. Outsource your general administration

Do your general administration tasks tie you down to your desk when you could be meeting new potential clients or focusing on the tasks that you do best. We suggest outsourcing any of the tasks below to free up some of your valuable time:

  • Answering emails – managing spam, filtering what’s important

  • Appointment scheduling and calendar management

  • Recruitment support – advertising, shortlisting, interviewing

  • Data entry

  • Event planning

  • Typing up notes

  • Contacting your clients with appointment reminders

  • Ordering office supplies

  • File management – Google Drive or Dropbox accounts

  • Social event planning

3. Outsource your one-off tasks

By outsourcing your one-off jobs that come up now and then you will save money by not having to hire an extra staff member. You will only pay for the hours you need when you need it. This saves you paying annual salary, holiday & sick pay and statutory holidays to a permanent staff member.

4. Outsource your Social Media

How time-consuming is Social Media? Extremely time-consuming right! There are fantastic companies that can support your business and focus their time and energy on your Social Media ensuring there is the right amount of postings and engagement taking place.

Creating your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn account. Promoting your page.

  • Setting up a Twitter account

  • Scheduling posts

  • Managing your social media pages

  • Follower engagement – replying to comments and messages

5. Outsource recruitment support

Recruiting a new employee can completely take you away from your essential daily work. By outsourcing your recruitment support to an experienced team of Virtual Assistants your workload will drop drastically while they do all the time consuming work for you. The Virtual Assistants will take care of eye-catching advertising through to screening applicants. Recruitment support covers shortlisting candidates, initial phone and face-to-face interviewing and providing you with a shortlist of candidates to interview.

We hope these top five tips on outsourcing will get you thinking about what you could outsource in your own business to help gain balance back in your life, creating more time for family and energy to put into growing your business and what you do best.

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